Update: BMW 1-Series from M-Division

2007 bmw 1 series tii conceptThe chief of BMW’s M-Division boldly claims that the M products will be fast but financially feasible. Well, at least those are the goals. Determined to hit what they aim for, the 1-Series platform will be the building blocks to give consumers what they want from BMW.

The BMW decision makers had told the public before that they do not see an M car built from the 1-Series DNA because of profitability issues. The car may also conflict with the performance numbers of the M3. Today, the plan is all green lights and BMW is giving a hint that a 1-Series from M-Division will focus on maximizing the sporting capabilities of the car. It will not come in terms of power but excellent weight distribution, handling, and braking.

The thrust of the 1-Series project will not affect the market of the M3 which boasts of 414 horsepower. The new M car will also be an improvement over the 135i and the M Sport. It will most likely a better version of the 1-Series tii concept.

Latest reports reveal new details about the 1-Series M. The car will most likely get six-piston brakes, intercooler, a rear diffuser, and carbon fiber roofing to keep the weight of the car down and make it more stable by lowering the center of gravity.

The modifications should set the 1-Series M apart as an M Division product. The visuals will come as reworked headlights, quad exhausts, Competition wheels, trunk spoiler CSL style, aerodynamic elements, and broader arches of the wheel.

The new member of the M Division will most likely not called the M1. The name is valued so much by the BMW division because of its history. The M1 belongs to a super sports car with a mid-engine design. We’ll let you know when we hear more about its name which might come by 2011.

Preview of the BMW 335is

There have been leaked photos of from BMW about the 335is. The BMW 2011 335is has a more powerful version of the twin turbo N54 under its hood. Add to the improved powerplant a better handling and improved aggressive looks. The 335is finds it place right just in between the standard 335i and the performance version M3.

The new BMW 335is can be purchased either as a coupe or a convertible and delivers the performance expected of the brand. The 335is will have an output of 320 horsepower with a 332 lb-ft of torque. The roar of the engine is a bit lower than what you get from the 2009 Z4 which also uses the sDrive35is at 335 horsepower.

The power you get from the BMW 335is is more than enough though since you will be getting quick spool turbo technology giving you the 332 lb-ft torque at 1,500 to 5,000 rpm. There is also a boost function which pumps things up to 370 lb-ft in short blasts.

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Considering a ‘09 BMW Z4

I’ve just seen the folding hardtop of the 2009 BMW Z4 live up in action and I have to say I’m extremely impressed with the compact, quick and robust solution BMW came up with for this new Z4. I’ve always liked the roofline of the coupe a lot more than the Roadster’s one — and with this folding hardtop you really do get the best of both worlds…

2009 Z4 BMW Hardtop
2009 Z4 BMW Hardtop
2009 Z4 BMW Hardtop

Photos thanks to our friends at BMW Talk!

News from the blue Beemer: Crash time!

Well my friend was asking for news of the blue beemer,.. well we have some news that didn’t made us happy. And off course.. I didn’t want to share this.. cuz it hurts really hard!

Well what happend?
I was driving to someone’s house to drop them off, when I was riding back to home, suddenly a cat was crossing the road. Well in the middle of the night, you have some reflections on everything, especially at 5.00 am. Well I slided with my rear wheel against the curb and it hits really really hard! So hard that the wheel was crushed! Here some images of it.. and yes! I wish I had a better insurance for my car!




Waiting for news from the Blue Beemer

What’s happening with the blue beemer? Word on the street is the blue one might be crashed? It might have been impounded by the Dutch Police force… What happened? It might have been turned into a cop car?

Stay tuned for more information…

Sold the beemer — stays in the family!

Haha so I did end up selling the beamer buying myself something a little faster (without parking sensors, which isn’t too smart considering my ability to scratch cars…) but it’s staying in the family allowing me to still drive it every once in a while as it gets a great number of miles to the galon…

So — still expect some updates from the silver beemer on ourbmws.com too — can’t let the blue one get lonely can we! ;)

I survived my checkup!

Excellent news from my front — the checkup was ok… I’ve got new break discs and I need a suspension spring changed, but the car was in overall good shape, even after thousands of miles of painful abuse. :D


Isn’t this nice :D

I was up to some poker game the other day, and parked my BMW 320d just in front of another BMW 320d. Man this is looking hot :D
I prefer the first car by the way… hehe

My BMW 320d

Planning for my checkup!

Wish me luck as I’m getting ready for a big checkup. I’ve done over 20,000km (that’s about 12.5k miles I think) so I’m expecting…. some issues. :D

Fingers crossed!

One more pic…

Of my scratched-up baby. Hoping to get it temp-fixed next week. Pray for me, please — haha! :D


Click for full-sized pain.