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News from the blue Beemer: Crash time!

Well my friend was asking for news of the blue beemer,.. well we have some news that didn’t made us happy. And off course.. I didn’t want to share this.. cuz it hurts really hard!

Well what happend?
I was driving to someone’s house to drop them off, when I was riding back to home, suddenly a cat was crossing the road. Well in the middle of the night, you have some reflections on everything, especially at 5.00 am. Well I slided with my rear wheel against the curb and it hits really really hard! So hard that the wheel was crushed! Here some images of it.. and yes! I wish I had a better insurance for my car!




Sold the beemer — stays in the family!

Haha so I did end up selling the beamer buying myself something a little faster (without parking sensors, which isn’t too smart considering my ability to scratch cars…) but it’s staying in the family allowing me to still drive it every once in a while as it gets a great number of miles to the galon…

So — still expect some updates from the silver beemer on ourbmws.com too — can’t let the blue one get lonely can we! ;)

I survived my checkup!

Excellent news from my front — the checkup was ok… I’ve got new break discs and I need a suspension spring changed, but the car was in overall good shape, even after thousands of miles of painful abuse. :D


Isn’t this nice :D

I was up to some poker game the other day, and parked my BMW 320d just in front of another BMW 320d. Man this is looking hot :D
I prefer the first car by the way… hehe

My BMW 320d

Planning for my checkup!

Wish me luck as I’m getting ready for a big checkup. I’ve done over 20,000km (that’s about 12.5k miles I think) so I’m expecting…. some issues. :D

Fingers crossed!

One more pic…

Of my scratched-up baby. Hoping to get it temp-fixed next week. Pray for me, please — haha! :D


Click for full-sized pain.

I scratched my baby… :(

BMW 320 DAMAGEDExcellent news for those here to make fun of me — as I recently scratched my precious car in a flooded parking facility in the centre of Antwerp, Belgium. The whole thing was 30 centimeters underwater, and while backing out of my parking spot I bumped into a piece of concrete that was just lying there in the middle of the damn thing…

I complained about it to the cops who told me they had similar complaints the same week, but they didn’t have the needed tools to remove the large piece of concrete. WHAT THE FUDGE? :(

Anyway, painful photos below, click for full size view!


My BMW 320D Executive

Today I was at some small country road with my bright shiny car and took some really nice images. What a ride he? :D

BMW320D Executive

BMW320D Executive

The pic that did it!

This is the first photo I saw of my car. I was sold. Wanted to share.

BMW 320d


Let’s get started!

Woozaaa!! We’re two young guns from the heart of Europe. We’re both on a limited budget, which makes it impossible for the both of us to even think of driving a BMW 645 CSi — so we settled for the classy, down-to-earth, gasoline-efficient (well, Diesel, that is) BMW 320d. We love ‘m. We’ll keep ‘m for quite some time. And we’ll take pics and vids.

We’re hoping you’ll be here along the way, watching them. :)