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My BMW 320D Executive

Today I was at some small country road with my bright shiny car and took some really nice images. What a ride he? :D

BMW320D Executive

BMW320D Executive

The pic that did it!

This is the first photo I saw of my car. I was sold. Wanted to share.

BMW 320d


Let’s get started!

Woozaaa!! We’re two young guns from the heart of Europe. We’re both on a limited budget, which makes it impossible for the both of us to even think of driving a BMW 645 CSi — so we settled for the classy, down-to-earth, gasoline-efficient (well, Diesel, that is) BMW 320d. We love ‘m. We’ll keep ‘m for quite some time. And we’ll take pics and vids.

We’re hoping you’ll be here along the way, watching them. :)