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Considering a ‘09 BMW Z4

I’ve just seen the folding hardtop of the 2009 BMW Z4 live up in action and I have to say I’m extremely impressed with the compact, quick and robust solution BMW came up with for this new Z4. I’ve always liked the roofline of the coupe a lot more than the Roadster’s one — and with this folding hardtop you really do get the best of both worlds…

2009 Z4 BMW Hardtop
2009 Z4 BMW Hardtop
2009 Z4 BMW Hardtop

Photos thanks to our friends at BMW Talk!

I survived my checkup!

Excellent news from my front — the checkup was ok… I’ve got new break discs and I need a suspension spring changed, but the car was in overall good shape, even after thousands of miles of painful abuse. :D


Planning for my checkup!

Wish me luck as I’m getting ready for a big checkup. I’ve done over 20,000km (that’s about 12.5k miles I think) so I’m expecting…. some issues. :D

Fingers crossed!