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Update: BMW 1-Series from M-Division

2007 bmw 1 series tii conceptThe chief of BMW’s M-Division boldly claims that the M products will be fast but financially feasible. Well, at least those are the goals. Determined to hit what they aim for, the 1-Series platform will be the building blocks to give consumers what they want from BMW.

The BMW decision makers had told the public before that they do not see an M car built from the 1-Series DNA because of profitability issues. The car may also conflict with the performance numbers of the M3. Today, the plan is all green lights and BMW is giving a hint that a 1-Series from M-Division will focus on maximizing the sporting capabilities of the car. It will not come in terms of power but excellent weight distribution, handling, and braking.

The thrust of the 1-Series project will not affect the market of the M3 which boasts of 414 horsepower. The new M car will also be an improvement over the 135i and the M Sport. It will most likely a better version of the 1-Series tii concept.

Latest reports reveal new details about the 1-Series M. The car will most likely get six-piston brakes, intercooler, a rear diffuser, and carbon fiber roofing to keep the weight of the car down and make it more stable by lowering the center of gravity.

The modifications should set the 1-Series M apart as an M Division product. The visuals will come as reworked headlights, quad exhausts, Competition wheels, trunk spoiler CSL style, aerodynamic elements, and broader arches of the wheel.

The new member of the M Division will most likely not called the M1. The name is valued so much by the BMW division because of its history. The M1 belongs to a super sports car with a mid-engine design. We’ll let you know when we hear more about its name which might come by 2011.